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Profiling your Ruby/Rails apps

ruby, rails, profiling

Using Apache Kafka with Ruby/Rails

ruby, rails, kafka

Using Monit with Rails stack

ruby, rails, monit, systemd

Clickhouse in Rails app

ruby, rails, clickhouse

ElasticSearch + Kibana

ruby, rails, elasticsearch

Migrations on large tables in Rails

ruby, rails, migrations, highload

View Rails server dev logs in Chrome

ruby, rails, chrome, logs

Rails console AR migrations

ruby, rails, activerecord, console, migrations

Nginx HTTPS in 15 mins

ruby, rails, nginx, https

Adding indexes with migrations in Rails

ruby, rails, migrations, tips

Bitbucket pipeline

ruby, rails, bitbucket, pipeline

Puma and Sidekiq with Systemd and Capistrano

ruby, rails, sidekiq, puma, capistrano, systemd

Setup services on Amazon EC2

ruby, rails, amazon, postgresql, redis

Menuo project

ruby, rails, elasticsearch

Postgis extension with Postgresql 9.6.8

ruby, rails, postgis, postgresql

Using rom-rb with Ruby on Rails

ruby, rails, rom-rb

Dry-rb ecosystem in Ruby on Rails project

ruby, rails, dry-rb

Using Bottleneck with Rails

ruby, rails, throttle, rate, limiter

Bottleneck - simple rate limiter for Rails

ruby, rails, throttle, rate, limiter

Apache Solr with Rails

ruby, rails, solr

Using RethinkDB in Rails with ActionCable

ruby, rails, rethinkdb, actioncable

Basic sorting algorithms in Ruby

ruby, algorithms

Ruby methods perfomance

ruby, perfomance

Event sourcing with RabbitMQ in Rails

rails, eventsourcing, rabbitmq

Redis cache in Rails

ruby, rails, redis, cache

ElasticSearch with ActiveRecord

ruby, rails, elasticsearch, activerecord

YandexDisk as ActiveStorage service

rails, yandex, disk, activestorage

Yandex Disk WebDav PROPPATCH

ruby, yandex, disk, webdav, proppatch


ruby, lob

VueJS + NuxtJS + SSR

vuejs, nuxtjs, ssr

GraphQL API with Rails and MongoDB

ruby, graphql, api, mongodb

Running and monitoring NodeJS apps with pm2 and Keymetrics

vuejs, nodejs, monitoring, pm2, keymetrics

VueJS download file from server

ruby, vuejs, file download

Swagger and Rails

ruby, rails, swagger, api

Shopify API

ruby, shopify api

Ruby + Telegram Bot + Wunderlist

ruby, telegram bot, wunderlist

Vue.JS + Evendy Frontend

ruby, rails, vuejs

Rails API + Evendy app

ruby, rails, api

Evendy 2.0

ruby, rails, vuejs

Mutations in GraphQL

ruby, rails, graphql, mutations

GraphQL + Rails

ruby, rails, graphql

Dry.rb in Rails

ruby, rails, dry

Writing your first Elixir integration tests with Hound

elixir, erlang, hound, tests, integration

Telegram strategy for Ravenx

elixir, ravenx, telegram, strategy

Add your Phoenix app to systemd

elixir, phoenix, ubuntu, systemd

Deploying Elixir/Phoenix applications

elixir, phoenix, deployment, distillery, edeliver - Free Erlang/Elixir job board

elixir, erlang, jobs, erlangjobs

FirstMove - small project for junior developers and interns

ruby, rails, firstmove, development

Central Bank of the Russian Federation API Elixir wrapper

elixir, api, wrapper, cbr

Fucking Great Advice API wrapper for Elixir

elixir, api, wrapper

ruby rails events

Ruby and Telegram Bots

ruby rails telegram online journal client for iPhone

ios, swift, inde, iphone, application

Russian Football Premier League (RFPL) Parser

ruby, parser, soccer

Elixir Slack Bot

elixir, slack, bot

Hanami and Google Calendar

elixir, hanamirb, google_calendar

Elixir Uber API Client

elixir, phoenix

Ruby Hash :to_proc


Prezto for ZSH


Twin Peaks. Again.

twin peaks



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