About Me

Hi. My name is Marat Galiev, I’m a software engineer from Kazan, Russia.

Now living in Toronto, Canada.

Currently I’m working for Moteefe LLC as Team Leader.

You can download my CV here.

I’m interested in software development cycle, agile methodologies, project management and engineering management.

My current open-source pet projects:

  • Bottleneck - Rate limiter for Rails, based on Redis.
  • Evendy - Web app for creating and organizing events (Rails5 API, VueJS, PostgreSQL) [github backend, github frontend]
  • Conductor - Google Chrome extension for view Rails development log in browser console, based on rails_panel
  • Coffekzn - Kazan Coffee shops list with interactive map (Rails5 API, MongoDB, GraphQL, VueJS, NuxtJS) [github backend, github frontend]
  • Elixir/Erlang Jobs board - Job board for Elixir and Erlang developers with meetups list (Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL) [GitHub]
  • Wishwundergram - Telegram bot with Wunderlist API wrapper, converts text into Wunderlist tasks (Ruby)
  • Runboard - Web application for Office puproses, tasks, employees list, calendars etc (Rails5 API, GraphQL, PostgreSQL)

You can found my contributions in some open-source projects: