Ruby + Telegram Bot + Wunderlist

Hey! Happy New Year!

In Russia we have really long holidays - from 1 to 8 of January!

I think, it’s a great time to write something interesting :)

So, let’s say “Hello” to my Wishwundergram project.

Yep, sounds strange.

But for me - everything what you can use in everyday life to optimize your lifestyle - most valuable and important thing.

And in my family we have a little problem.

Everytime, then I’m going to shop, I ask my wife: “Hey, dear, can you please send me a list what you need from the supermarket?”.

And she sends me simple list of products, like this:

Mineral Water

After that, I copy this list into my Wunderlist or Bear list, and delete this tasks/lines with products step by step.

It’s a time-wasting!

We discuss everything in Telegram messenger, and creating tasks in Wunderlist at first - not good idea for us.

So, I created this simple bot - just give text with “\n” delimeter to him, and wait for the “Done!”.

Then in supermarket - just open your Wunderlist, find correct list and buy everything you need :)

Let’s see, how it works!

Give your list to the bot:


Wait for a few seconds, and…