About Me

My name is Marat Galiev.

My current city, country: Toronto, Canada.

You can download my CV here, contact me via email or follow me on Twitter.

My interests are: software development, open-source, agile methodologies, project and engineering management.

Current stack: Vue, React, Ruby & Rails, Golang, Rust.

Open-source pet projects:

  • Elixir/Erlang Jobs board - Job board for Elixir and Erlang developers with meetups list (Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL) [GitHub]

  • RustJobs - Job board for Rust developers (Rust, VueJS, PostgreSQL) [GitHub backend, GitHub frontend]

  • DBMon - DB stats for your app

  • Trell - CLI tool for releases in Trello (nodejs) [GitHub]

  • Stocky - CLI tool for stock market (nodejs) [GitHub]

  • Golang Jobs board - Job board for Golang developers with meetups list (Golang, React, PostgreSQL) [GitHub]

  • Bottleneck - Rate limiter for Rails, based on Redis.

  • QBoard - ROM.rb and DRY.rb within Rails project.

  • Evendy - Web app for creating and organizing events (Rails5 API, VueJS, PostgreSQL) [GitHub backend, GitHub frontend]

  • Coffekzn - Kazan Coffee shops list with interactive map (Rails5 API, MongoDB, GraphQL, VueJS, NuxtJS) [GitHub backend, GitHub frontend]

  • Wishwundergram - Telegram bot with Wunderlist API wrapper, converts text into Wunderlist tasks (Ruby)

  • Conductor - Google Chrome extension for view Rails development log in browser console, based on rails_panel

  • Runboard - Web application for Office puproses, tasks, employees list, calendars etc (Rails5 API, GraphQL, PostgreSQL)

  • Obrigado - Say obrigado to your mix project deps with GitHub star

  • Thanksgod - Say thanks (star) each GitHub repo in your godep project

You can found my contributions in some open-source projects:

Check my photos on Flickr.

Additional interests: soccer, street photography, sneakers and soccer cleats, Mercedes-Benz cars, Rolex/Vacheron Constantin/Audemars Piguet watches.