Leveraging Split.io for Feature Flags in Ruby on Rails

In this post, we’ll explore how you can integrate Split.io with your Ruby on Rails projects to implement feature flags efficiently.

What are Feature Flags?

Feature flags, also known as feature toggles or feature switches, are a powerful technique used by developers to enable or disable certain features in their applications without changing code. This approach allows for controlled rollouts, A/B testing, and gradual deployments, enhancing the overall development and release process.

Introducing Split.io

Split.io is a feature flagging and experimentation platform that provides developers with the tools they need to manage feature flags effectively. With Split.io, you can create feature flags, target specific user segments, and analyze the impact of feature changes in real-time.

Integrating Split.io with Ruby on Rails

Step 1: Installation

To get started, you’ll need to install the splitio_client gem in your Ruby on Rails application. You can do this by adding the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'splitio_client'

Then, run bundle install to install the gem.

Step 2: Configuration

Next, you’ll need to configure Split.io with your API key. You can do this by adding an initializer file (split_io.rb) in the config/initializers directory with the appropriate configuration. Here’s an example configuration:

SplitIoClient.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = 'your_api_key_here'

Replace ‘your_api_key_here’ with your Split.io API key.

Step 3: Using Feature Flags

Once Split.io is configured, you can start using feature flags in your Ruby on Rails application. Here’s an example of how you can check if a feature is enabled:

if SplitIoClient.split('your_feature_key').enabled?('your_split_name')
  # Feature is enabled
  # Implement feature code here
  # Feature is disabled
  # Implement alternative code here

Replace ‘your_feature_key’ and ‘your_split_name’ with the appropriate values for your feature flag.


By integrating Split.io with Ruby on Rails, you can take advantage of feature flags to manage feature releases and experiments effectively. Whether you’re rolling out new features, conducting A/B tests, or gradually deploying changes, Split.io provides the tools you need to streamline the process and deliver high-quality software to your users. Happy coding!