online journal client for iPhone

Disclaimer: It’s not an official application of Inde journal, I’m not working for Inde, or something like this. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

At last New Year holidays, I’ve decided to continue one of my old projects - a little iOS application, based on Swift 3 and some REST API service.

Few words about backend side - for the first time it was New York Times API wrapper based on Ruby on Rails application.

But for my last pet projects I’ve found some pretty and tiny Ruby based framework - Hanamirb, so I’ve created some backend with Hanami.

New York Times is a fantastic news resource with great API and documentation for developers, but I’ve decided to replace NYT datasource with news from our local online journal Inde.

So, I think it was good practice and interesting project for me - I can read news from my iPhone, and never open mobile version from Safari. Maybe if someone found this app useful I’ll post it to the AppStore. Maybe. Btw it’s not cheap - 99$.

Some screenshots from my iPhone 7 Plus:

First category News entry News entry Second category Third category