Deploying Rust apps with Heroku and Godaddy

First steps

Today, we will deploy and run your Rust API + SPA on Heroku.

  • Heroku free plan for Rust API
  • Heroku 7$ plan for frontend app with SSL
  • Godaddy domain

Heroku buildpack

Heroku doesn’t support Rust by default, so we will use third-party rust-buildpack.

You can check buildpack source code here:

Creating new app with buildpack:

heroku create --buildpack emk/rust

To use this as the buildpack for an existing application, run:

heroku buildpacks:set emk/rust

To configure your app deploy cycle, you can create RustConfig file in the root of your project:

DIESEL_FLAGS="--force --no-default-features --features postgres"

And Procfile example, for the main run process:

web: ./target/release/rustjobs
release: ./target/release/diesel migration run

SSL && Domains

Okay, next we will setup DNS and SSL, first let’s turn on SSL on Heroku and Domains, don’t forget to add www before domain name.


Next - time to setup Godaddy (sorry for Russian labels).

First step - adding CNAME DNS entry:


And redirect from http to https, don’t forget to add www before domain name.


Setting ENV variables

For backend: heroku

For frontend: heroku

Final steps

Just run usual push, and you ready to go!

git push heroku master